Payment Options

Prestige Tech Solutions is here to help businesses provide more secure and flexible payment options to their clients. Thanks to our POS, Mobile Payment, and EMV Services, you will be able to grow your business and make your business more visible.
In order to understand how your business can benefit from our services, let us explain the payment options along with the advantages they bring.

EMV requires a PIN and signature whenever credit card holders want to use their cards. Thanks to EMV you can expect safer transactions over the Internet and in physical stores, a more accurate and detailed authentication process, and lower chances of becoming a victim of identity theft. This is relatively new technology that will eventually replace old credit cards.

We also offer integration and upgrade for most Point of Sale (POS) systems. An upgraded POS system will help you simplify inventory management, save your clients valuable time, streamline employee management, and support business growth.

Mobile payments will help you get new clients, enhance services, and provide a secure payment option, something that both your company and clients need. Things are going mobile these days and Prestige Tech Solutions is here to help you follow the trends related to payment options.

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